Custom Fine Jewelry Manufacturer with Dazzling Styles 

Explore the world of ornaments like fine jewelry better than before. This time you should try Qingdao Newhonest Accessories Co., Ltd. You will find the quality, which you have always wished to have. Our artisans and machines manufacture customized fine jewelry for all. If you want to purchase in bulk, we have these benefits for you.

·         Intricate designs

·         Eye-catching

·         OEM services 

·         Customized designs 

·         Sophisticated styles

Avail Discounts from a Wholesale Fine Jewelry Manufacturer 

You will find wholesale rates if you purchase fine jewelry in large volumes. Qingdao Newhonest Accessories is a manufacturer that offers factory rates. Retailers will like to purchase them from us for the sake of discounts here. Our consistency in the discount offerings will make you purchase more from us. We bring convenience for you, so you can purchase fine jewelry at a bargain price. Our production size is large, and you can take advantage of it. Purchase from us in mega volume in order to get mega discounts.

What Makes Our Custom Fine Jewelry Worth Wearing?

There are many pros of purchasing from Qingdao Newhonest Accessories. We are a women fine jewelry supplier that has customized production. This customization includes various features, which makes customers like us. It is not only about the price but the customized features we bring here. 

·         We use precious stones and gems in our fine jewelry.

·         The base we use is of stainless steel, brass, and alloy. 

·         You will find availability of pearl, zircon, opal, bohemian turquoise, stone, etc. 

·         Our production process includes gold and silver plating also.  

·         You will find custom earrings, bracelets, rings, anklets, etc.

·         All of them are available in classic and modern styles.

Receiving Orders from Local and Worldwide Customers 

Since we are a high quality fine jewelry manufacturer, we deal in bulk. Our bulk production is for local and international customers. That means you can place orders for customized fine jewelry from anywhere. We can supply it across the border as you wish. This massive supply goes to different countries since we offer global service.

Quality Assurance for Maximum Customer Satisfaction

Qingdao Newhonest Accessories should be your wholesale fine jewelry distributor. Then you will find top-notch quality in bulk supply. We maintain this quality since we have a team of experts. Also, we excel in this industry as we have been here since 1999. It shows our dedication, consistency, and commitment for you.